You can learn the outline of the testing with videos for each category.
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Basic performance evaluation

  • Colorfastness to rubbing(JIS L 0849 Type Ⅱ)

  • Colorfastness to light(JIS L 0842)

  • Tearing strength(JIS L 1096 Method D)

  • Tensile strength(JIS L 1096 Method A)

  • Pilling(JIS L 1096 Method A)

functional assessment

  • Electrostatic propensity(JIS L 1094)

  • Cool touch feeling property(JIS L 1927)

  • Deodorization performance test of air cleaners of household and similar use(JEM 1467)

  • Light blocking effect of curtain materials(NIF Method)

  • Space Deodorant (Evidence Edition)

Safety evaluation

  • Anti-mosquito performance test (JIS L 1950)

  • Fibre flagment release test (AATCC TM212)

  • Flameproof test (Fire Service Act)

  • Impact strength of heel


  • Functionality and safety testing for interior products

  • 8th Wearable EXPO