Quality Labeling Promotional Services

Quality testing & technical guidance for promotion of proper labeling on fiber composition, care instructions and other items required as set forth in the Household Goods Quality Labeling Law of Japan.

Validation of proper labeling for supplies to department stores, mass merchandisers, mail-order companies, and for other commodities.

Quality testing & technical guidance on proper labeling of imported products.

Advisory, consultant and personnel training services related to quality labeling.

Apparel Service

Preparation of in-house standards and specifications for manufacturers on their behalf, including quality standards and garment specifications.

Traveling, field guidance service for quality/process control at sewing factories, etc.

Visual inspections, quality testing, and wear tests for various sorts of garments.

Research and development services by commissioning, such as choice of proper fabrics and search for the best sewing conditions involved in the development of new products.

Sampling inspections of garments and other apparel goods pursuant to KAKEN Sampling Standard.

Agency Service for Quality Control Activities

Quality control services on behalf of manufacturers, including acceptance inspection of fabrics, delivery inspection of products and laboratory testing.

Inspection of imported goods on behalf of trading companies and/or quality control services for their affiliated factories.

Inspection of supplied merchandise and storefront articles on behalf of department stores, mass merchandisers and mail-order companies.

Training and guidance on quality control operation for corporate marketing, sales and planning personnel.

Evaluation Testing of Complained Goods

Cause analysis and evaluation of complained articles, and certification thereof.

Investigation into causes of manufacturing defects involved in complained articles, and follow-up advising for quality improvement.

Other advisory services for settlement of complaints.

Technical Consultancy

Introduction and improvement of quality control system, and training of QC staf.

Research and survey associated with product development activities.

Verification of quality labels for products to be put on exhibition, and related testing.

Conducting seminars & training courses, and publishing technical literature and other publications.

Technical advisory services for quality improvement and upgrading of rejected products and those in trouble.

Overseas Operation

Testing and inspections of supplies to overseas department stores and specialty shops in accordance with their acceptance specifications.

Esting and inspections of commodities at KAKEN overseas branch laboratories and service tie-up testing institutes (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Qingdao, Dalian, Ningbo and Wuxi in China; Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and others).

Testing other than garments and textile goods

In addition to garments and textile goods, KAKEN’s testing services stretch over apparel ornaments and accessories, consumer commodities, industrial materials and even including advanced technology fields, along with technical advisory services, as required according to product applications.

  • Shoes

    Testing of outsole peel strength, outsole flexure and abrasion resistances, vamp peel strength, instep strap pullout resistance, heel set strength, bending strength, water resistance, etc.
  • Umbrellas

    Leak test and various performances testing, including for rib strength, rib bending strength, rod tensile and bending strengths, fabric water resistance and repellency, analysis of metal plating, corrosion resistance, etc.
  • Building Materials, Wall Paper and Industrial Materials

    Testing of tensile strength, thickness and permeability of geotextiles, measurements of VOC and formaldehyde emissions, cone calorimetric testing, etc.
  • Artificial Pitch

    Testing of shock absorption, traction, sole sliding property, etc. Testing for vertical rebound height, rolling distance and bouncing speed of balls, etc.
  • Bags

    Testing of handle tensile strength, seaming resistance, drop impact strength of suitcases, caster travel motion and shock-resistant travel motion, color fastness, etc.
  • Sundry Articles

    Metal component analysis of accessories, color fastness test and appearance inspection of belts, purses, wallets and other small articles, etc.
  • Consumer commodities

    Safety, functionality, durability and other necessary tests for interior goods and furniture, etc.

Performance evaluation of functional materials

Also available are various characteristic tests that will define your newly developed products as well as testing for general commercial transactions.

  • Biological

    Evaluation of antibacterial products.
    Evaluation of mildew proof and antitick products.
    Evaluation of blood and viral barriers.
    Evaluation of bacterial barrier.
  • Clean rooms

    Assessment of dusting characteristics.
    Evaluation of dust collecting efficiency.
  • Comfort

    Assessment of constant hot/cold feeling temperatures.
    Heat reserve evaluation.
    Absorbing humidity evaluation.
    Evaluation of sweat absorption and quick drying property.
    Evaluation of far infrared radiation.
    Evaluation of heat insulation.
    Measurement of exothermic temperatures during moisture absorption.
  • Chemical Compounds

    Durability assessment.
    Evaluation of chemical resistance.
    Chemical composition analysis (using various analyzers).
    Thermal analysis.
  • Odors

    Assessment of deodorization.
    Analysis of smell composition.
  • Optics

    Evaluation of ultraviolet radiation control products.
    Performance evaluation of photocatalysts.
    Measurements of light-shielding levels.
  • Environmental

    Measurements of VOC emission levels.
  • Thermal Shield and Combustion

    Evaluation of heat shield.
    Evaluation of fire retardant.