A consistent improvement as a third-party testing organization representing Japan.

KAKEN TEST CENTER General Incorporated Foundation (abbreviated “KAKEN”), Japan Synthetic Textile Inspection Institute Foundation as its predecessor, Ministry of Commerce and Industry in 1948 (at present, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) has been established with the authorization.

By the subsequent public interest corporation reformation, it shifted to “General Incorporated Foundation” from “Foundation” and also changed the name into “KAKEN TEST CENTER” from “Japan Synthetic Textile Inspection Institution” on April 1, 2011.

More than 20 years from its establishment, while mainly engaged in the export inspection of a chemical fiber and a synthetic fiber, and a domestic demand inspection, it strove for introduction of overseas examination and test technology, and has contributed to development of the textile industry of our country, such activities as drawing up and updating of fiber relation JIS standards.

From the around 1970, started to apparel textile related examination business in earnest, and subsequent early in the 1980s, tackled each inspection / inspection business as imported clothing, is expanded steadily. The status is gradually established also about the overseas operations which made a foray from the mid-1980s.

Now, focusing on examination business, such as domestic distribution or an import, it is continuing the steady pace aiming at the third-party testing body of an international level and more global.

Dec. 1948
Established and authorized by Ministry of Commerce and Industry (at present Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry hereinafter referred to as METI).
Jun. 1953
Registered with Ministry of International Trade and Industry (at present METI) under the Export Commodities Control Law.
Feb. 1958
Designated by Ministry of International Trade and Industry (at present METI) under the Export Inspection Law.
Aug. 1988,
Nov. 1988
Launch of laboratory testing services in Korea and Hong Kong, followed by Shanghai, various places in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, thereafter.
Mar. 1998
Granted with the ISO 9002 Certification (Tokyo and Osaka Laboratories) (switched to ISO9001 in 2003).
Dec. 1998
Assessed and accredited by JNLA based on Guide 25 (Tokyo Laboratory) (switched to ISO/IEC 17025 in 2000). All other Laboratories located in Japan were accredited under the same system thereafter.
May. 2007
Assessed and accredited by CNAS based on ISO/IEC 17025 (Shanghai Laboratory).
May. 2008
Granted with CMA Certification (Shanghai Laboratory).
Apr. 2011
Changed the name of “Japan Synthetic Textile Inspection Institute Foundation” to “KAKEN TEST CENTER General Incorporated Foundation”.